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Alumni Spotlight
Ephraim Wittman (Class of 2005)
writer: HILS   |   date: 2024.05.08   |   count: 522
As a member of the second graduating class of Handong International Law School (2005), I have had the opportunity to see how going to HILS has impacted the trajectory of my educational pursuits and law practice for almost two decades. Using the law degree obtained from HILS, I was able to get into a prestigious LLM program in the United States and sit for the NY bar. This led to acceptance at an international law firm as an associate and an eventual move into in-house practice for major Korean corporations in their international power projects. Harnessing my education and experience, I was then able to land a position at a government company in Abu Dhabi where I have been for several years. 
While choosing HILS came from the fact that my father taught at the law school, it is now after several years of reflection that I can say that HILS set me up for success through emphasis on intellectual and spiritual excellence. Discipline is critical for both the lawyer and the Christian, and a person of good character and a self-motivator will be able to best navigate the challenges one faces with work and people, especially when one’s career is in an international environment. 
HILS helped me in my formative legal years to understand the law and develop my analytical ability, and given its nascence at that time, patience in adversity and a requirement to rely upon God and my own capabilities to advance my career. But above all, the connections I have made from an early stage with both professors and fellow students have led to greater and greater opportunities all over the world because healthy competition promotes excellence, but loving your neighbor as you love yourself promotes unity, and when the two are combined, as they are at HILS, a golden opportunity for success emerges. 


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